A Fractal Topology of Time

This book will challenge how you think about time. Physics describes time as spatialized, static, and reversible, while we experience time as textured, flowing, and unidirectional. Reconciling these two perspectives demands a richer understanding of time. No model is better suited to capture time’s quantitative and qualitative aspects than the cyclicity, creativity, and infinite depths of fractals.

Temporal Experience, Brainwave States, and Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness

You can view the talk here. Gebser's Structures of Consciousness and EEG brainwave states delineate similar varieties of consciousness. With similar patterning across difference scales of time, they describe a fractal temporal structure, where time deepens into timelessness.

Free Live Stream: The Texture of Time: Fractal Time and Astrological Cycles

From the cycling cosmos overhead, to the ebb and flow of churning creeks, to sleeps, blinks, breaths, heartbeats, and fleeting thoughts, we exist amidst a vast range of timescales. We burn at a controlled 98 degrees Fahrenheit, an organized flow of energy, standing still in a moving stream. Here, we create time, with all its loops and twists, hurries and sighs, ploddings and alacrities, magic and misery. This lecture will wind a path through the realms of philosophy, modern physics, neurochemistry, and astrology, exploring what science can tell us about how time emerges through a consciousness in, and of, the cosmos.

Counting by Heart: Deepening Sense of Belonging with Kleiber’s Law

When his dog passed away, a six-year-old reflected on why dogs live shorter lives than humans, “If we’re born to learn how to love all the time and dogs already know how to do that, then they don’t have to stay as long.” If love was counted in heartbeats, that kid was onto more than … Continue reading Counting by Heart: Deepening Sense of Belonging with Kleiber’s Law

Fractal Synchronicity and the Future of Time

Thanks Michael Garfield for having me on his podcast "Future Fossils," for a wide ranging conversation about the nature of time! You can download the interview here. "This week’s guest is philosopher Kerri Welch, whose doctoral thesis from CIIS (and current book-in-progress) explore a fractal model of time. If you have ever wondered about time, … Continue reading Fractal Synchronicity and the Future of Time

Earth Centering

A squirrel chatters at me from the live oak’s branches behind me. A mourning dove coo’s from across Shoal creek, gurgling through a hand-built rock dam. A cardinal calls “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.” Other tweets and twitters, recognizable, but unnamed, join the chorus, as the rising sun’s beams glide down the rocky limestone ledge opposite me. My spot is noisier in the morning. All these beings have opinions for this essay. Normally, I come sit by this ribbon of water in the evening or afternoon, but I woke earlier than usual this morning. I knew I needed this place’s help to write about our relationship.