Contrary to popular belief, astrology does not cause things to happen or cause people to behave in any particular way. Astrology is not causal, but rather, synchronistic. A synchronistic system measures not what causes what, but rather what tends to occurs at the same time without having a common causal root. All forms of divination, such as the I-Ching or Tarot, are based on the Universe’s self-similarity, in that the parts mirror the whole.

As a synchronicity system, astrology operates on the principle of “as above, so below”–that which we see outside of us mirrors that which we hold inside. One can take a walk in the woods and find resonance and life lessons in the undulations of tree bark, the flight of jays, or the meticulous dedication of spiders. What one sees depends on one’s mood, character, and circumstances and thereby reflects those qualities. Seeing oneself reflected in the natural world, and in the planets specifically, may require a little coaching to learn the language and to focus one’s attentions in new ways, but offers unexpected insights and a sense of recognition and kinship with the universe. Feeling in relationship to, and recognized by, the universe can offer a sense of purpose and spiritual centeredness that both humbles and ennobles one’s sense of self and action.

Feeling recognized by the universe can offer a validation of one’s gifts and struggles. A skilled astrologer can call gifts to fuller fruition and affirm that struggles will not last forever, by noting when particular patterns of energy will ease up, and suggesting how to work with rather than against it. As an astrologer, I believe my most important role is to offer an external voice which affirms and empowers what my clients already know about themselves and their path, yet may have forgotten or be afraid to embrace. One’s chart and transits do not dictate one’s life in a deterministic way, but rather provides a language which can speak to both the potential opportunities and the pitfalls of certain character traits and windows of time. Developing an awareness of and ability to articulate these background fields can empower one to work with them consciously, and thus aligning one’s efforts with the “prevailing winds.”

Astrology demarcates correlations between cycles in patterns of energy and the timescales of celestial cycles. Like a regular clock, the position of the hands do not cause events or behaviors, though they do frequently correspond to qualities of events and behaviors that cycle on similar time scales. A clock does not cause noontime to arrive, rather it indicates a point in the undulations of the day’s energies, when the sun is high and people normally seek a midday meal. There is a correlation between the sun being high and the people seeking food, though the correlation is not always causal.

Just as the Earth’s daily rotation structures the clock’s 24 hr cycle, and the Sun’s passage across the fixed background of stars demarcates seasons of the calendar, so too do the planets offer other divisions of time, whose complex interweavings correspond to the changing textures of our lives.

The planets mark undulations of energy over longer time scales. For example, there is a correlation between people’s maturation experiences around the ages of 7, 14, 21, and 28-30,  in correspondence with the phases of Saturn’s 29 year cycle. The planets provide a system of timekeeping, that cover a wide range of time scales, like a clock with ten hands–one per planet, plus the sun and moon–instead of the clock’s three, all moving at different speeds. This celestial clock covers timescales from Earth’s daily rotation to Pluto’s 250 year cycle. Subtle changes in the planet’s paths against the background of fixed stars mark even longer time periods, like the 1,215 year cycle of Venus and the 26,000 year precession of the equinox.

Over millennia of observation, astrologers have noted specific characters/flavors/archetypes associated with each planet, and with the divisions of the sky associated with the astrological signs and houses. The complex interplay of these characters make up the energetic soup that characterize the unique fingerprint of your birth moment, and every moment before and since.

Kerri has been practicing astrology since 2003 when she began her studies with Rick Tarnas. She continues to hone her skills in a rich community of astrologers from her graduate school community, the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at California Institute of Integral Studies.

Astrological Consultation Services:

Your birth chart: The positions of the planets at the time you were born as indicators of life potentials.

Your Transits: The positions of the planets in the sky at a particular time as they relate to their positions when you were born, as indicators of life phases.

Synastry: the comparison of your chart  to another person’s chart as an indicator of potential ways you relate to one another.

Astrology Basics: An introduction to the signs, planets, houses, aspects and what they mean.

Astrology Party: Gather friends new to astrology for an “Astrology Basics” class and mini readings.
Or gather more advanced astrologers to explore in-depth topics, such as specific aspects, transits,  progressions, signs, houses, or planetary archetypes, etc.

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