Mind, Memory, Music, Math, Time, and Women

Memory, and thus time, is embedded in the present through out relationship with the land, our bodies … More Mind, Memory, Music, Math, Time, and Women


Human Relationship to Time

Human Relationship to Time Through weaving together a wide variety of material, this paper outlines the intertwining of two states of temporal consciousness. On one hand, modern consciousness operates almost exclusively in linear time characterized by the following adjectives: unidirectional, structured, static, external, dominating, objective, logical, quantified, mathematical, and masculine. On the other hand, indigenous … More Human Relationship to Time

Cultivating Holism: Following Mileva Maric and Marie-Louise von Franz

The emphasis of this paper is on the a-temporal landscape common to both the collective unconscious and the block universe of relativity. Part I situates two important contributors to the history of a-temporality: Mileva Maric for her unacknowledged work on relativity and Marie Louise von Franz for her understanding of the relativistic implications for the study of human consciousness through psychology and religion. A-temporality can be very difficult for our temporally bound minds to grasp. My discussion in Part II of this paper builds on the work of Maric and von Franz and offers new ways of thinking about time. I hope to help to reconcile the seemingly incompatible realms of temporality and a-temporality, and to draw attention to the discussion’s parallels with its dual cultural context of masculine and feminine.
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