Fractal Synchronicity and the Future of Time

Thanks Michael Garfield for having me on his podcast “Future Fossils,” for a wide ranging conversation about the nature of time! You can download the interview here. “This week’s guest is philosopher Kerri Welch, whose doctoral thesis from CIIS (and current book-in-progress) explore a fractal model of time. If you have ever wondered about time, … More Fractal Synchronicity and the Future of Time

Earth Centering

A squirrel chatters at me from the live oak’s branches behind me. A mourning dove coo’s from across Shoal creek, gurgling through a hand-built rock dam. A cardinal calls “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.” Other tweets and twitters, recognizable, but unnamed, join the chorus, as the rising sun’s beams glide down the rocky limestone ledge opposite me. My spot is noisier in the morning. All these beings have opinions for this essay. Normally, I come sit by this ribbon of water in the evening or afternoon, but I woke earlier than usual this morning. I knew I needed this place’s help to write about our relationship.

More Earth Centering

Dopamine, ADHD, and Signal to Noise Ratio

Dopamine bumps the signal to noise ratio in the brain, increasing pattern recognition, even for things that may not be there, as in paranoid schizophrenia. Dopamine deficit lower the signal to noise ratio, making the signal difficult to distinguish from the background noise, and patterns harder to detect. With ADHD’s dopamine deficit, following one conversation or train of thought can prove tricky because all conversations or thoughts sound equally loud, making it hard to pick out a continuous stream, instead picking up bits and pieces from several different streams of conversation or thought. … More Dopamine, ADHD, and Signal to Noise Ratio

Human Relationship to Time

Human Relationship to Time Through weaving together a wide variety of material, this paper outlines the intertwining of two states of temporal consciousness. On one hand, modern consciousness operates almost exclusively in linear time characterized by the following adjectives: unidirectional, structured, static, external, dominating, objective, logical, quantified, mathematical, and masculine. On the other hand, indigenous … More Human Relationship to Time