Earth Centering

A squirrel chatters at me from the live oak’s branches behind me. A mourning dove coo’s from across Shoal creek, gurgling through a hand-built rock dam. A cardinal calls “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.” Other tweets and twitters, recognizable, but unnamed, join the chorus, as the rising sun’s beams glide down the rocky limestone ledge opposite me. My spot is noisier in the morning. All these beings have opinions for this essay. Normally, I come sit by this ribbon of water in the evening or afternoon, but I woke earlier than usual this morning. I knew I needed this place’s help to write about our relationship.

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The Supreme Swindle: Modernity’s Reverse

Final paper for “Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu” with Dr. Yi Wu at California Institute of Integral Studies, Fall 2003 Modern humanity is drawn in a downward spiral by the gravity of human arrogance. We create problems for ourselves through our denial of the wisdom and hierarchical supremacy of the natural world. As our powers grow, it … More The Supreme Swindle: Modernity’s Reverse