I am based in Central Austin. I can come to you (within a 10 minute radius), we can find somewhere to meet in between, or we can Skype or Facetime. I also visit the San Francisco Bay Area several times a year, so can do face to face consultations there periodically. You can reach me at kix1426@gmail.com .

I charge $60 – $120 an hour on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can.

As a general guideline:
If you make 60K/yr or under, please consider $60/hr.
If you make 120K/yr or over, please consider $120/hr.

Purchase a block of 4 hours, and receive a 10% discount.

If this seems high to you, please keep in mind as a freelancer, I work without benefits or income security.

Cancellation Policy:

Please arrive promptly to enjoy the full session, as the session will end at the scheduled time.

No charge for canceling the day before your appointment. 50% charge for day-of cancellations. Full charge for missed appointments with no advanced cancellation notification.


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