About Kerri Welch

5B93D410-6720-4C36-B34E-C210035158DF_1_105_cKerri Welch, Ph.D. is a philosopher of time, a professor, writer, and astrologer living in Austin, Texas. You can visit her teaching website here.

This blog contains excerpts from her forthcoming book, “The Texture of Time: A Fractal Topology,” which explores the science of temporal perception via neurology and the physics of time against a backdrop of personal narrative, natural history, the evolution of consciousness.

Kerri teaches courses on sacred geometry, modern physics, and the science of temporal perception at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. She also taught  philosophy for business doctoral students through the University of Phoenix’s School of Advanced Studies for 6 years, as well as tutoring students of all ages. She also offers astrological consultations. You can learn more about her teaching here.

Kerri holds a PhD in Philosophy and Religion from California Institute of Integral Studies’ Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program. Her first book, (a second edition of her dissertation), “A Fractal Topology of Time: Deepening into Timelessness” looks at the interactions between time and timelessness in human experience and in physical descriptions of reality.

A sixth generation central Texan, Kerri enjoys Austin’s natural beauty through trail running, swimming, biking, and paddling. She attended Westwood High School, and Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where she majored in Philosophy/Religion and Physics.

You may reach her at kix1426@gmail.com.


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