How will the Upcoming Eclipses Affect You?

Ask your Journal.

Eclipses come in 19 year cycles known as Metonic cycles. That means every 19 years, we get an eclipse at very close to the same sign and degree as occurred 19 years ago.

This happens because 19 years is a common multiple of solar and lunar (synodic) cycles:
365.25 days/yr * 19 year = 6940 days
29.53 day/synodic month * 235 synodic months = 6940 days
So the sun and the moon’s cycles sync up every 19 years.

Image: The Metonic cycle as a wheel from 9th-century manuscript from St. Emmeram’s Abbey (Clm 14456, fol. 71r) via Wikipedia .

For example the Solar and Lunar eclipses coming up this July 2 and 16 this year, occur at the same sign and degree as the eclipses that occurred on July 1 and 16 in 2000.

So, if you happen to have a record of what was going on in your life back in July 2000, you might find some clues as to how upcoming eclipses will show up for you this time around.

I made this handy *Eclipse Cycle Chart* for 1975- 2030, so I could record notable eclipse events and compare them with upcoming eclipse dates. Now I’m sharing the blank version with you. Just click “Make a Copy” and you’ll have your own version that you can fill in with your historical info. Look through old journals or calendars for these dates and make a note of what was going on. One of the things I love about astrology is the retrospective nature of it–sorting through life events and looking for patterns.

If you find some interesting resonances, share them in the comments!

This 19 year cycle also means, whenever you turn a multiple of 19 years old, on your birthday you get a bonus lunar return along with your solar return!

Further Reading:
Miller, Susan, “All about Eclipses and A Guide for Coping with Them” 

On Eclipse Cycles:
Brady, Bernadette. (1992) The Eagle and the Lark: A Textbook of Predictive Astrology, Samuel Weiser, Inc., p. 215.


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